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    If a form is created, and when an input is given, I would like it to be saved in for example A.txt, and this A.txt input will then be automatically send to excel macro and run the application, which has been written in vbscript.
    Can we do that?

    I'm terribly confused

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    in theory I would say yes.... in theory... you would probably want to avoid it like the plague.... you would need Excel installed on the server.

    Anyhow, something like this flow should work

    Save the data using the Scripting.FileSystemObject.

    Open excel using the MS Excel objects that get installed with Excel.

    Set a value in your spread sheet that has a reference to the file. Have the excel macro open the file and use the value....

    Seriously though, I would really avoid doing this. There has to be a better way.

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