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    Exclamation Unanswered: backward compatability


    new to the forums, and to informix, but have a question that is specific to a project I'm working on.

    I have an old Unix Systemversion 2 ERP system, with "a version" of informix on it.
    I also have backup tapes with archive data. How backward compatible is more recent versions of informix, and would they have even a slim chance of recovering any data from a system that dates from the early '80s?

    If there is no way of restoring the databases this way, can anyone suggest a way of extracting the archive data from the backups, into a format that can be manipulated/understood.

    Many thanks for you help


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    Hi Andrew,

    I think that you can use command "dd" in Unix for read the tape drive, then extract information for generate the ONCONFIG file then do restore from archive data.


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    I beleive in 80's INFORMIX only had Standard Engine. Then Early 90's came ONLINE engine and late 90's the Dynamic Server. So most likely you should be able to restore the files using UNIX commands as other reply suggests.

    Good Luck!

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