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    Unanswered: Printing a report with multiple entries


    I have a standard report that prints based on the most recent entry of the serial number entered into the "Reprint" form . The "record source" for the report is a select query.

    The issue now is that I have a need to not only print the most recent entry, but also to print as far back as the five (5) most recent entries for a given serial number.

    I should also add that I don't want to print if one of the entries has "failed" ( i.e. [pass cal?] = "no")

    The reprint form (mentioned above) prints using a "macro", and works fine for simply printing the most recent entry, but I don't see any way to print previous entries unless it's in VB...

    I guess I'm not sure what would help clarify this, so I pared the DB down to it's essentials and provided it here as an attachment.

    I'm pretty new to the DB world so any help is greatly appreciated.
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