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    Unanswered: Database design help

    trying to work on a new project, i need some ideas to setup this design model.
    sql 2000 database and asp.
    This is call center environment where agent bid on shift (schedules) base on most disireable to least, and it process base on seniority.

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    well, let's see, you'll need an agent table, a shift table, and a bid table | @rudydotca
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    Don't forget the junction tables....

    What you really should do is interview the users and the data source providers and model the business....

    THEN create the logical data model after all the Entites and attributes have been defined.....

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    Identifying and introducing properties is an on-going process, but of course the earlier the better
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    Thanks guys
    i will let you guys knows as it goes.
    The biggest issue im looking at so far is to automate the process of assigning shitfs to agent base on seniority. Agents with higher seniorites get thier most rank shifts and so on. also there's avaibility of each shift, e.g shitA will only be given to 20 agents only and so on.
    seniority is unique number already assigned to an agent. iwant to use store procedures or function to do that manupulation if possible, after all data's has been collected.

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    Talking Careful with those keys

    Need to be careful with the "t" and "f" keys. It sounds like the agents queue up at the loo based on seniority, and only the first 20 agents get the best umm ... waste matter !!

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