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Thread: Copying forms

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    Unanswered: Copying forms

    I have a form that I have spent hours formating and it looks great. I want to use the same form many times in different parts of my project. How can I copy and existing form (but give it a different name!)


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    In your windows explorer, open your form in notepad or any 'simple' text editor. then, find the line "Attribute VB_Name = "Formname" ". Change the Formname, and save it with a filename that is the same with the Formname (for not confusing you) Then save it as "YourNewFormName.frm"...then you can load your new form in VB.

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    One way is to Add a new form and name it whatever u want form then goto your old which u have designed Press Ctrl+A (Select All) and Copy and Now come to new Form and Paste all the objects will come as it is. the same way u could copy ur code.

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