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    Unanswered: automaticallly grow file

    What is the best option to set for File Growth?

    Is it in megabytes or by percent?

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    I'm a fan of megabytes, and always make the growth factor a multiple of 64 megabytes if that is practical.


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    I tend to be a fan of % growth up to around 15-20 GB. After that point, I prefer to carefully monitor and control the growth process myself.

    Some other notes/thoughts:
    1. Set a max limit on both the log file and the database file
    2. Consider fixing the size of the tempdb; of all the dbs, this one will tend to change size most often. I have seen others recommend setting the size of tempdb to 1.5x RAM.

    I am by no means the subject expert in this area; read BOL and Inside SQL 2000 carefully and draw your own conclusions from your own needs and requirements.


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    It's vital to know how your data is going to grow, at what rate, and how often. Carefully estimating the needs for your data growth will spare you hours of "watching" its uncontrollable growth. Preallocation of space per device and properly configuring growth (preferably based on the multiple of default disk/controller cluster size) is the way to go. For data and log devices of user databases preallocation should cover at least a month worth of used space growth without affecting the actual size of the file. And of course, don't use percentage, it may get you by for a little while, right until you forget to check it...
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