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    Unanswered: Long text in a table

    I'm having a problem displaying long text in a table format. I am pulling information from an SQL database and putting it in an ASP page. First of all, my data types in SQL are TEXT, which should allow for a large number of characters (that it's somewhere over 10,000 is all i really care about). When i retrieve the data in my select statement, i found it necessary to use substrings. So, i have the query returning the first 200 characters.

    The problem is, 1) i need all of the characters. I need to be able to display ALL of what's in the text field. I don't know how to do this.
    2) My program is not returning results to be printed from any entries with text longer than the substring. Becuase i'm using the substring function, it should, right?
    3)I need to be able to print the whole text in the table. Is there a way to make the rows expand as needed? Or will the automatically get bigger if there's text that exceeds the row length? Or will i HAVE to hardcode the height to be enough for any possible length of string?

    I'm a relative beginner to ASP, and some of these things are just stumping me... i've tried posting other places, and i suppose it stumps other people too.


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    You key proble is that you are using text fields. I really wouldn't recommend them for a beginner. Can you store your data in varchars instead (they allow 8000 characters).

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