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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Abort or Immediate Reboot Question


    We currently run a mix of 8i and 9i databases on Win2000 and Win2003. We have always followed the practice of doing a SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE before rebooting any Oracle box because "Oracle does a shutdown abort if you just reboot the server". I don't know who told us this, but we have always followed it. Does anyone know if this is still true with these versions of Windows and Oracle? I'm sure this was true at one point, but I'd like to confirm that it is still needed if we're going to keep doing this.


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    IN windows, as part of the shutdown, the oracle service will be shutdown and it will do the equivilent of SHUTDOWN ABORT (This assumes that you are doing a windows shutdown and NOT just powering down the server. That being said, I would always do a shutdown immediate to insure a clean shutdown and an incident free startup.
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