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    Unanswered: A little help about 'GENERATE ALWAYS', please !

    Hi all,

    When creating a 'generated always' columns is it possible to have values like "ID0001", "ID0002", "ID0003" and so on ?! If so, how ?

    Obs.: This column shall be my PRIMARY KEY.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Arrebola!

    Sorry, "GENERATED ALWAYS" columns are allways SMALLINT, INTEGER or DECIMAL. So it's not possible to use CHAR datatype. So, anwer is no!

    We have used GENERATED ALWAYS columns and we considered those to be a big mistake. The maintanance with GENERATED ALWAYS tables is really "pain in the neck".
    Tables with GENERATED BY DEFAULT is somewhat easier to maintain - but not ideal either. If you have version 8 with SEQUENCEs, use those instead.

    Cheers, Bill

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    you ca have oe colum say C1 as generated always as identity(int), and second colum c2 as generated always as ('I000' || c1). form proper concatenation expression for this column

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