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    Unanswered: Reverse Engineer ACCESS DB

    We have an ACCESS db that was developed in house by folks who are long gone. They created two databases that are liked together, and must be mapped to specific drives, for reasons I cannot understand. After attempting to make updates my Oracle db guy said he thinks the best thing to do would be to reverse engineer it, import the data from the current db and start from scratch. Any suggestions on the best, low cost tool, to use for this?

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    You might want to try to find an Access guy. Relinking the tables to another location is very easy. The two databases linked are probably a front end and a back end. The back end database will have all of the tables. The front end will have everything else (forms, reports, queries, etc.). The front end will also have links to the tables in the back end. If you look at the tables in the front end, any table with an arrow pointing right is a linked table. In the back end there should be no tables with arrows.

    I don't know of any tools to reverse engineer the databases, but I would guess that all you need to do is to delete the links in the front end and re-establish them. First, let us know if there is a back end and a front end (tables only databas and one with forms,reports, etc.). Second let us know what you mean by updating? Changing data or programming new features?

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