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    Unanswered: OnBar Restore question

    Hello everyone

    Here is the situation. (Onbar and ISM)

    I do have 2 servers LNX1 (production) LNX2 (test)

    1 backup a day on the server LNX1 (Informix ID 00) done on disk.

    Once a month, I would like to restore that backup on the server LNX2.

    Both servers have the same OS version and Informix version (7.31).

    I do, already have an informix ID 00 active on server LNX2 and I DO NOT want to overwrite it.

    I would like to restore (LNX1 informix id 00) to (LNX2 informix id 04).

    How can I proceed?

    What should I do with the following files (LNX1)?

    everything points to the LNX1 server in those files.

    Both servers are comunicating together. So I do not want to restore on the LNX1 server.

    So, I need to restore the production server (LNX1) each month on the (LNX2) server.

    On the LNX2 server, the ID 00 is used by the development database. I DO NOT want to overwrite what it is there. I just whish to restore the production database in a test database (ID 04) on the LNX2 server.

    How can I proceed?

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    I thinks that in LNX1 yuo must take onbar -b -w -L 0 (whole back-up).
    In LNX2, copy oncfg..., test sqlhosts file, environment variables, run onbar -s before restore, next onbar -r -p


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