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    Unanswered: requery a list box while typing in a text box

    I've seen search form that look like they only have one text box and one list box.

    When the user starts typing characters in the text box the list box is requeried to display only records with the typed character in the first colum and then the text box tries to complete the typing ( just like in a combo box). This proccess is repeated for every typed character in the text box. Does anyone know a way I can do this?

    I can think I would be able to do it with a combobox but I don't know how to remove the drop-down arrow on comboboxes.

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    Dont know if this is going to be correct but you could try something along the lines of

    On the Key Press on the Text Box

    Dim SQL as string
    SQL = "Select [TblName].FldName"
    SQL = SQL + " From [TblName]"
    SQL = SQL + " Where (([TblName].FldName) = (Forms!FrmName!TxtBox))
    Forms!FrmName!ListBox.Recordsource = SQL
    Dont actually know if that will work but it will be something like that

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