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    Angry Unanswered: A Tricky Problem

    I am facing a tricky problem, actually the problem is

    I have 3 databases in MS Access (ORIGINAL, BACKUP and ACTIVE). Scenario is like this i want to copy tables from BACKUP database to ORIGINAL Database.

    Currently i am working on ACTIVE database which has a form and a button, what i want is when i click on button the table (tblEmployee) should be copied from BACKUP Database to ORIGINAL Database.

    any one has any idea ............... plz let me know ASAP............




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    You can use CopyObject to transfer objects TO other databases. I am not sure if you can copy objects between OTHER databases using this method.

    It would look something like this if executed from my.mdb but it might not work. Source usually default to the mdb where the code reside:

    DoCmd.CopyObject "C:\destination.mdb", "MyTable", acTable, "C:\source.mdb\MyTable"

    You could also explore importing and exporting the records, not the objects.


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