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    Post Unanswered: VB6's Date problems while using on XP.

    Hi everybody,
    I am writing a transactions ledger using VB6 and access 2000. I've done all the querying on windows 2000. now that i switched to windows XP, all the querys that worked on 2000 are generating errors on XP.
    One observation i've found is in 2000 the date is taken as "dd/mm/yyyy" where the seperator is "/". while in XP its taking it as "". I tried using the "format" function and changing it to "/" but it generates an "overflow" error. Could someone plz help in solving this problem.

    how can i change the "." seperator to "/"???

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    Change ur regional settings.

    Try to change your computer's regional settings especially the date and time format, just select the date format mm/dd/yy or the like.
    Hope this will help you

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