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    Question Unanswered: the SMTP replication of the sybase

    Hi I am newer of the sybase
    now I am trying the SMTP replication between the sybase 8 (on winXP) and sybase 9(ON win 2k server)
    I take win2k as a SMTP server and winxp as client
    In the SMTP server I created 2 folder "SERVER" and "CLIENT"
    and in the sybase 9 (server) I use the file type for write and recieve the replication
    and in the sybase 8 (client) I use the SMTP type to recieve and send the replication files.
    for replication in client I set the SQL remote as SMTP type and "SERVER" for the content; and SMTP type for messege and "CLIENT".

    I do not know how to write the content for the SQL remote and the messege

    when start the replication, system give me a "POP/SMTP login" messege.
    and I write the user ID the password the pop3 host and the SMTP host.
    but can not connect.

    can someone tell me what should I do?

    is anything wrong?

    thanks very much
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