Greetings Folks !!

I want to ask your assitance in this tricky problem. I have a computer application running on a 8 computer network. The application and the hardware were working ok, but something happened... The server has a Windows 98 installed and a MS-SQLSERVER 2000. The clientes have Win98 and the MS-SQLSERVER connection files.

Everything was good, but the owner of the server disconnected the server unwillingly and this affected the connection of the clients to the server. After that nobody got acces to the server. I checked first at the witch and everything was good. I saw that the terminals are able to see between each other, but not those clientes to server and viceversa.

I decided to reinstall completely Windows 98 and it worked. After that I reinstalled the MS-SQLSERVER 2000 and I have done this successfully. Of course I have copied my database onto a CD in order to restore those files later. After having the SQLSERVER running I tried to attach the MDF and LDF files. It really surprised me and I got a 5172 error message that tells me that the header of the MDF is invalid or something like that tells me about Pageaudit file incorrect. This never happened to me before, and I have read somwhere on the net that this happen when you try to restore a MS-SQLSERVER 2000 on a MS-SQLSERVER 7.0, but this is not my case. I am only working with MS-SQLSERVER 2000. I have tried another solution I found on the net to uninstall the MS-SQLSERVER and then reinstalled it and see the difference. It never worked. The problem now is that I want to attach it to MS. SQLSERVER and it shows me that the file is inavliudad but before saving th files onto a cd the application and its data was good. Do you have or at least do you know an utility that helps me to transfer those inner tables onto a text file or something like that ? Or do you have any other solution for this problem ??? Personally never had this problem before.

I really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

Javier Barbieri from Perú