Have this Database ( I didn't write it)

Have to Do so Mods to it

need to change some Querys but Finding it hard to flower the Query back to the tables

Query1 read a Table that was made by running a make table query

My thinking is reading the QueryDefs

then createing a New table with 3 feilds

TYPE  | QueryName | Tablename
make  | query1       | Planets
make  | query1       | Inventory
Select | SortPlantes| Planets
Then use the Tree View to View each Query and see what
Table They Use

I can read the QueryDefs nd get the SQL

Sub Build_up_Query()
Dim Qu As QueryDef
Dim db As Database
Dim prpLoop As Property
Dim theis As String
Set db = CurrentDb
With db
Debug.Print .QueryDefs.Count & " Query Defs " & .Name
For Each Qu In .QueryDefs
With Qu
Debug.Print ">>> " & Qu.Type
Select Case Qu.Type
    Case 0 'dbQselect
    Case 16 'dbQCrossTab
    Case 32 'dbQdelete
    Case 48 'dbQUpdate
    Case 64 'dbQAppend
        Debug.Print Qu.Name
        Debug.Print Qu.SQL
    Case 80 'dbQMakeTable
        Debug.Print Qu.Name
        Debug.Print Qu.SQL
    Case 48 'dbQUpdate
End Select
End With
End With
End Sub
can't work out how to read get the tablename .