TITLE: MonetDB 4.4 released

MonetDB is an open source high-performance database system developed by
CWI, the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Research of The
Netherlands. It was designed to provide high performance on complex
queries against large databases, e.g. combining tables with hundreds of
columns and multi-million rows. As such, MonetDB is able to be used in
application areas that performance-wise are no-go areas for
traditional database technology in a real-time manner. MonetDB has been
successfully applied in high performance applications for data mining,
OLAP, GIS, XML Query, and text and multimedia retrieval.MonetDB achieves
this high performance using innovations at all layers of a DBMS: a
storage model based on vertical fragmentation, a modern CPU-tuned
vectorized query execution architecture that often gives MonetDB a more
than 10-fold raw speed advantage on the same algorithm compared with a
typical interpreter-based RDBMS. MonetDB is one of the first database
systems to focus its query optimization effort on exploiting CPU caches.
MonetDB also features automatic and self-tuning indexes, run-time query
optimization, a modular software architecture, etc. In-depth
information on the technical innovations in the design and
implementation of MonetDB can be found in our digital library.

MonetDB is of particular interest to researchers, system developers
and students, interested in developing novel query-dominant applications
on a flexible database engine. Database application developers find
a mature SQL implementation with common interfaces (JDBC,ODBC,php...)
to port their software.

MonetDB 4.4 marks the first official release of the MonetDB product
family, developed together with our partners around the world:

- Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst develops PROXIMITY,
an open source relational datamining solution on top of MonetDB.
- SPSS sells CRM solutions with data mining techogy based on MonetDB.
- Univ. Konstantz develops PATHFINDER, an open source XQuery processor
on top of MonetDB (hosted in the MonetDB SourceForge Repository).
Beta release scheduled for Dec 2004.

CWI keeps working on MonetDB and has a roadmap of significant
innovations to be introduced in future major relases.
These innovations encompass changes with respect to query execution
paradigms tuned for modern processors, pluggable optimizers, and
novel query languages and storage backends.

MonetDB is covered by the Mozilla license, giving unrestricted access to
the code base for inclusion in (commercial) products.

The MonetDB homepage : http://monetdb.cwi.nl
The MonetDB repository : http://sf.net/project/monetdb
The MonetDB technology : http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Research/Articles
The MonetDB mailing lists:

October 01, 2004 The MonetDB development team