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    Unanswered: Count Combo Box Values

    I have a form containing 4 combo boxes. One combo box limits its values depending on the values selected in the other three combo boxes. What I want is to have a text box that displays the current number of values listed in that 1 main combo box. How is this done?

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    I think this would be somewhere along the line of

    Dim Totvalue as integer
    TotValue = DCount("[ComboBoxBoundField]", "Tbl to extract info from", "[TblField]=ComboBox")
    Textbox = TotValue
    That should do a count and filter out only the values that are in the combo box

    I would apply this to the after update on the combo box
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    I tried modifying this code but the only number I could get is 1, or 817 (the total number of records available) if I removed the =combobox reference, no matter what filters have been applied. The modified code I used is:

    Dim ComboCount as integer
    ComboCount = DCount("[StuRecID]", "BaseData_qry", "[StuRecID]=Combo2")
    Text71 = ComboCount

    Can you see anything obviously wrong with this code.


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    Try using the ListCount property.

    In the Control Source property of another textbox, use something along the lines of:
    In code, it would be:
        Dim intcount As Integer
        intCount = Me.YourComboField.ListCount
        Me.YourTextField = intCount
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