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    Unanswered: Count Automatically Scheduled Appointments by Current Date

    How can I display automatically a count of the appointments that are scheduled by the current date? I am doing the following, but it doesn't work: =Count([Date])=Date(), and I have also tried: =DCount("[Date]","Exampletestingschedule","[Date] =#" &CurrentDateTextbox26 & "#"). What am I doing wrong.

    Note: I using a textbox in a form to display the count for the current date.

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    Providing your Access put a space in after the & symbol, so that the control source is:
    =DCount("[Date]","Exampletestingschedule","[Date] =#" & CurrentDateTextbox26 & "#")
    it is correctly structured.

    I would suggest using a field name other than "Date" - perhaps fldDate or something similar. Also, put the control name in brackets: [CurrentDateTextbox26].

    Using this in a control will return #Error whenever there is not a valid date value in the text box, but will work correctly when there is a valid date.

    This all assumes that you have a table called Exampletestingschedule with a date field called Date.

    So, to get off the ground, rename your field and try this in the control source:
    =DCount("[fldDate]","[Exampletestingschedule]","[fldDate] =#" & [CurrentDateTextbox26] & "#")
    An alternate method would be to use a "Totals Query" - group by the Date field and Count any field (such as the Date Field). This will accomplish the same thing, and then you can use a DLookup on the query to accomplish the task.

    Good luck.
    have fun!

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