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    Unhappy Unanswered: Look Up Tables

    Help Needed Please!

    I am a real novice so please have pity! I have created an Access really basic database and have used look up tables. Mostly this has worked well. However for 1 particular section of my form particularly I want my look up table to automatically display 3 fields and not just one

    At the moment I have 3 form entires from 3 different fileds all based on look up tables lists
    Name Address DOB
    I have worked so it displays all these 3 but and then just the Name is entered. So if I want the Address & DOB to appear I need to fill in another 2 entries.

    Is there any way that all 3 - Name Address DOB can be added once so that once I find the right name from the look up list the Address & DOB automatically are put in.

    Am I making any sense (confusing myself here!) and please can anyone help me

    Many thanks

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    I've done something similar with subforms. On the main form, I have a combo box that lists the names. The subform shows all the employee details (DOB and Address in your case). Make sure you set your master and child fields, which will happen automatically if you have your relationships set up.

    For the combo box's AfterUpdate event (which means it activates when the name choice changes), I have this code. You can also create a macro that Requeries.

    Private Sub cmbEmployee_AfterUpdate()

    'After the user selects an employee name, requery
    'so the subform will have the most current info

    End Sub

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