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    Unanswered: cron jobs and perl

    hello all

    i have a perl script that runs db backups on sybase. when i run this directly from the command line, it works fine. when i set up a cron job it brings back the error "ct_init(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Attempt to load protocol driver failed". it's not a problem with the library path(s) as as i mentioned, from the command line the scrip works fine. could anyone enlighten me as to how cron works (i.e. when it's run is it run in the user mode of the owner of the crontab file??) as i'm thinking it's some sort or permissions issue but can't see how to resolve it without knowing how cron works.

    cheers for any help in advance

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    cron runs in unique env

    cron does not use the same environment. Try sourcing whatever env. file you normally use by placing a sourcing command in your cron job (. /fullpathtoenvfile)

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