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    Question Unanswered: Partitioned tables ?

    We are using db2 v8.2 on linux. (Were migrating databases from OS/390)

    Is there any way of creating a partitioned table like you can on OS/390?

    I have a few tables that are partitioned on the OS/390 platforme that I would like to keep that way, if it's possable.

    Thanks in advance,

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    UDB for LUW does NOT have the same partitioning concept as UDB for z/OS.
    Partitioning is hash partitioning and with multiple logical db partitions.
    No such thing as range partitioning on UDB for LUW (Linux, Unix, Windows).

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    "union all view" is the range partitioning solution in udb; I think it came in FP4; It has been enhanced in 8.2 Stinger.

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    If I understand the below, one would somehow have to initially create the "range-partitioned" tables (note tables is plural), unlike what UDB z/OS provides (with a single table). (4 below denotes FP4 .)

    4 Row migration in UNION ALL views
    4 UNION ALL views can be used to circumvent table size limitations when
    4 building very large databases. You can create a set of
    4 range-partitioned base tables and then access those tables through a UNION ALL
    4 view.

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    Yes, that is correct.

    Check out this article:

    UNION ALL views work very well and will use paralellism if the query needs to access more than one table (assuming your DB2 configuration is set up properly). You can verify this with an Explain.
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