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    Unhappy Unanswered: Update a paradox program

    I have the task of updating a paradox program consisting of several forms and tables. It is currently in Paradox 5 and I need to updated it to Paradox 10. I have been informed that all I need to do is open the .fsl and deliver it. My problem I am running in to is that some of the .fsls cannot be viewed in design view and I can't find a way to deliver them. Is there some security or something that is stopping me from opening them in design view?

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    What ahppens?

    What actually happens when you say "cannot be viewed in design view"?
    Does Paradox issue a message or are you trying to open a .fdl file? If it is a .fdl, it is not the source, it is the delivered result. If you cannot find the .fsl file, you have a real problem.

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    Any Paradox-5 FSL file should be openable in Paradox-10. The question then is, exactly what happens when you try?

    (FDL files can't be opened.)
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