Hi All, sorry for the long winded note...

I've created the following text file in two steps 1)transfertext and 2)writeline, both vb methods. TransferText creates line 03 and writeline does 01/02. As you can see the 01, 02, 03, prefixes are out of order (03,01,02).

03 B00000656 3.09 -72
02 6 1 3278 MISPULL 0 -19 0 0

The resulting file is in this order b/c:

When the TransferText (step 1) command writes to a file, it overwrites any existing text in the file, so it has to be step 1...

The Writeline method (step 2) appends text to a file and doesn't overwrite, but it appends text to the end of the file. Thus it opens a file with the existing 03 line and inserts 01 and 02 at the end resulting in 03, 01, 02.

So my question is/are:

Does anyone know of a way to make TransferText not write over existing data? -or Is there a way to make Writeline append the beginning rather than the end of the file? -or can I take the existing incorrectly ordered file and re order it (DOS sort will do this but I wanted post this before I start looking into writing a batch file)

Any suggestions are appreciated.