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    Unanswered: memory error when trying to edit a transform task in dts

    I am trying to use a DTS package to get data from db2 in a s390 environment. I am able to use the Import task and then run a query on db2, save the package and execute the package.But when i try edit the transform task i get a mmc.ese application says that the instruction at addres "" tries referencing memory at address "". The memory could not be read...

    I installed a ibm odbc driver on my client...obviously the connection seem to work since the package executes...But then the edit issue...

    If any one faced this problem or know what i am doing wrong....appreciate ur time and effort...

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    somehow the ibm odbc driver rings a bell of not working the way it should. It's a very long haul though.
    Anyway, tried to work it out to a sp?

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