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    Question Unanswered: Use of Hyperlinks from Access form to PDF and back

    I am in the process of adding help pages and tutorials to the Order Entry/Inventory database (Access 2000). In an attempt to reduce the vba overhead, I have set up various PDF "help" files, stored on our server and open them via hyperlinks on an unbound form. This works great and apparently has not added to the overhead. The one nagging thing is that when you close the PDF file, you are returned to the Desktop.In order to get back to the original form yo have to find the icon on the Task Bar line for the open form to return to the original form. Not the smoothest transition.

    I have not been able to find a means of coding either the form (OnClick or other event) or the Adobe PDF file so that you are reurned to the original form.

    Thanks for any help or direction.


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    I would make your forms Modal and then in the Tools, Options remove the check from the Windows taskbar.


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