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    Unanswered: Merge Replication

    I am using merge replication at remote connected via ISDN Dialup line. I got following error and replication fail.

    publisher - PRSTGIND\SQLIND
    agent - PRSTGIND\SQLIND-pml-pml-\SQLDWS-4
    publication - pml
    subsctription -\SQLDWSml
    error - The process could not deliver the snapshot to the Subscriber.
    Agent Merge replication provider -2147201001
    Agent\sqldws 20037

    Agent - PRSTGIND\SQLIND-pmst-pmst-\SQLDWS-3
    error - The subscription to publication 'pmst' is invalid.
    last command {call sp_MSgetreplicainfo(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)}

    Thanking You


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    Merge repl

    Sounds like the connection was dropped during the initial snapshot. The distribution of the snapshot can be a little flaky and we have always found it easier to backup the latest version of the DB, ship it to the remote subscriber (tape, CD, DVD, HDD, etc.) restore it and then set up the subscription as "Already synchronised" so that it doesn't have to apply the snapshot.

    hope that helps

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    Thank you for you best suggestion,

    I am doing following-
    Export from orginal place.
    Import it at remote place.

    Map merge replication for 12 tables.

    What is my mistake, let me know step by step methods.

    Please help me.


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