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    Unanswered: Query design in Access

    Problem 1:
    I am new at this,
    created a database in access to retrieve certain records. the problem i am facing is that i want to retrieve some records in a certain criteria but not all the records. Let me explain. I have an inventory with different columns for qty, type, etc... in the location column, i would like to retrieve some records in a certain location (like bin 01 row 05 and up, but not rows 04 to 01).
    Is there any way i can do this?

    Problem 2:
    created a union query to combine 3 different tables together. this combines all data in location "car". the problem is that when i run the query, made macro to output this data to excel, which in turn is formatted via macro in excel to have document in format we want. we then add a location in the last column as to where we want the "car" to be emptied.
    the problem is that when we run the query again, it gathers the information from a linked table in the inventory system which have no locations. therefore, we lose all information entered in excel.
    Tried to create a .txt file to link to database, but when we run the query, it overwrites the .txt file (with no location). Tried an update query to update a made up table but doesn't work either.

    Can anyone help me on any of these issues? thanks

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    Answer 1. Select qty, type from inventory where bin='01' and row >= '05'

    You will need to do a conversion on row to turn it into a numeric value but as you haven't specified the database you are using I can't tell you how to do that.

    Answer 2. What?? I'm a bit confused about what you want to happen on the rerun. If you have no location data what do you want in the spreadsheet??

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