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    Red face Unanswered: update table

    Hi, I need to update certain records in a table. The table has several thousand rows, and I have a list of several hundred record numbers. I need to loop through the table and change any records which have a record number equal to one in my list.

    record number | value
    12 | 45
    13 | 46
    14 | 47
    15 | 48
    16 | 49

    i.e. I would want to loop through and change records 12,15 & 16 all to have a value of 10.
    I have tried several things but they either fall over or create a never ending loop...

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    What would be your statement if you had to produce the list or recordnumber's and their new value?

    eg. select recno, count(*) from tab1 group by recno ?

    hook it up to an update, and you're done.

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    Yes its just "select * from tableX", the output is a little more complicated than what I said, but I didnt want to complicate the issue. My problem is having such a large list of record numbers that need to be updated. They are stored in an excel table - is there any way I can load these into some sort of array and then update where a record number is in the array...?

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    Why of course. From Enterprose Manager click on Tools -> Data Transformation Services -> Import Data. Then pick excel, point to your spreadsheet, and import into a table.

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