Hi everybody, I'm in a middle of something weird to me, I hope not to You . I have a Table in a Database that use to hold around a millon of registers. and It had been working very well. My problem actually began when I changed a field Data type, from SmallInt to Int. After that, accessing that table is too slow, I've already reindexed the table, and even already return the field Data type to SmallInt, and reindexed again. The problem continues.

I saw by the Query Analizer that the problem is mainly when I try to update a register in the Table where idDetail = @idDetail.

It last 3 seconds... when, before the issue it was inmediatly. In task manager the SQLSRV. exe only uses 25% of processor, but memoy use is really increased. (This update has to be done several times per minute)

I tested with a new empty table. I inserted few records... and obviously it worked as fast as it used to do. But with the table with real data It doesn't

Any suggestion it'll help me.

Thnx in Advance