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    Unanswered: Index creation


    I need to create an index over 332 million of records. The question is: How can I calculate the space to create the index? ... actually, oracle gives me the ORA-01652 error, it says me that there isn´t enough ispace in tablespace TEMP, then I need to know how much free space must be allocated in TEMP to create the index.

    Thanks a lot!

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    >How can I calculate the space to create the index? .
    I would use basic multiplication; size of fields in Index * number of rows * 1.1 (fudge factor)
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    Here's a script that I use for sizing indexes (approx)

    set verify off
    undefine pctfree
    undefine avg_length_of_indexed_cols
    undefine number_of_indexed_cols
    undefine num_of_ind_cols_over_127_bytes
    undefine number_of_rows

    select &&number_of_rows/(((100-&&pctfree)*(Value-161))
    /(100*(&&avg_length_of_indexed_cols+8+&&number_of_i ndexed_cols
    + &&num_of_ind_cols_over_127_bytes))) Blocks_Required
    from V$PARAMETER
    where Name = 'db_block_size';

    Your temp tablespace may need to extent ... Do you have it set up for autoextents ???


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    increase the size of TEMP
    create a seperate TEMP area and assign that user to the new tablespace/datafile
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