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    Unanswered: Updating a number field when one record is deleted

    In access (2003) I am setting up a table with Employee # (Pri. Key), senority numbers..and so on. However I cannot figure out how to reset the senority numbers when one leaves. For example Bob is #235 senority and leaves (By retiring, quits or gets fired)..well Mary was #236 and now should be #235 (because Bob is no longer at the company)..and so on with everyone else below Bob getting their Senority number changed by one.>
    Do you have any ideas..I tried autonumber, but it will not do that.

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    Create a VB function that will get a record set of all people with seniority greater than the person who is leaving. Loop through that recordset incrementing the seniority by one.

    What's the problem?

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