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    Unhappy Unanswered: how to write this query in MS Access 2002 VBA

    hei all
    I have a query in access which I have to excecute and get the result of this query in a recordset.
    I have copied the SQL statement of the sql view of this query and made some changes but it is not working.
    Saying that "Syntax is failed "
    can any one , who is good in writing SQL queries in access please help me.
    I am attaching the query how it looks in design view of Access.

    This is the way how it looks in SQL view of access.
    __________________________________________________ _________

    SELECT, Make.description,, Motor.Art, Motor.Litre, Motor.KW, Motor.description, Vehicletype.Vehicle_Type_id, Vehicletype.description, Vehicletype.year,, Getriebe.Art, Getriebe.Nummer, Getriebe.description,, Antriebe.Art, Antriebe.nummer, Antriebe.description, Vehicletype.objid, Vehicletype.Türen, Vehicletype.XL_DCHA_Path, Vehicletype.XL_DCHATA_path, Vehicletype.XL_DCHATATP_Path, Vehicletype.XL_XTHA_Path, Vehicletype.XL_XTTA_Path, Vehicletype.XL_Empty_Path, Vehicletype.XL_Pic_Path, Vehicletype.XL_Graphic_Path
    FROM Motor RIGHT JOIN (Make RIGHT JOIN (Getriebe RIGHT JOIN (Antriebe RIGHT JOIN Vehicletype ON Antriebe.objid = Vehicletype.Antriebe_objid) ON Getriebe.objid = Vehicletype.Getriebe_objid) ON Make.objid = Vehicletype.Make_objid) ON Motor.objid = Vehicletype.Motor_objid;

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Please help me!..
    thanks in advance,
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