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Thread: Use of Sybase

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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Use of Sybase

    i am a novice in sybsae.i had been using oracle since long and was using TOAD to get access to Oracle database.
    TOAD is an amazing utility which provides with full access to database.
    I would like to know whether such kind of utility exists for Sybase or not .
    I definitely know about ISQL but it is not that interactive as TOAD is.
    It would be really great and obliging to get to know of this utility.

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    sybase provides you with two tools :

    sqladvantage sqladv.exe in the client env $SYSBASE/OCS/bin
    sybasecentral can be compared to enterprise manager and with 12+ is a java based app

    and there are 3rd party products like cast workbench which we used for develoment and debugging or embarcardero
    and another 3rd party freeware tool and also java based aquastudio

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