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    Unanswered: error with informix

    Our Informix database in the development server is not working since past two days.

    After starting the services 1) Informix Server Discovery Process for SNMP 2) Informix Dynamic Server Message Service when I start Informix IDS 2000 - ol_testbaan it stops immediatey.

    It shows the following error
    1) In windows event viewer :
    ol_testbaan : listener-thread: err = -931: oserr = 0: errstr = turbo: Cannot locate turbo service/tcp service in /etc/services.

    2) In informix log :
    13:03:53 listener-thread: err = -931: oserr = 0: errstr = turbo: Cannot locate turbo service/tcp service in /etc/services.

    13:03:53 Attempting to bring listener thread down.

    13:03:53 Server stopped.

    13:03:53 Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Stopped.

    I have referred the Informix Errors file where the following has been given for -931 error.
    ************************************************** ******************

    Cannot locate servicename service/tcp service in /etc/services.

    The service servicename is not listed in the network configuration file /etc/services (UNIX) or (DOS). Check the $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts file, and check that the service name for the desired server is correct. If so, contact your network administrator to find out why the service is not known. If you are using INFORMIX-OnLine for NetWare, check the file on the client for the required entries.

    ************************************************** ***************

    I did not find the sqlhosts file in the informix directory.

    I have also checked the entry in winnt/system32/drivers/etc/services file
    "turbo 1526/tcp #ol_testbaan"

    Kindly let me know how to solve this.

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    you should have the same entry in the /etc/services file on the unix side.
    sqlhosts file is located in $INFORMIXDIR/etc check that you have the "turbo" entry in there also

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    every thing is ok.

    In Windows 2000 there is no SQLHOST FILE.

    (If I am not wrong) The entry is in Registery


    Could there be some problem with the Windows OS. Probably it is not allowing to start the service turbo ?. The port used by turbo is 1526.

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