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    Unhappy Unanswered: is it possible to send one table to the backend after Database splitting.

    Hallo everybody
    I have an Access databse in which I have devided the tables into backend and frontend by using the Database Splitter wizard.
    Then if I create any tables in the frontend Access file then thease tables are visible only in the front end of this system , not from other systems if I put the back end in network.
    its ok for some tables , but now I have a table which I have to put in the shared backend , but if I cerate in the front end it is visible only in front end and if I create in backend it is visible only in backend.
    how to send a table in the front end to backend after database splitting is over, so that I can access this table from other systems.
    if it is possible please help me.
    Thank you.
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    create/import the table in the BE, not FE, then link it in the FE.

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