I want to display a report which is linked with a MS Access database. (using C# and CrystalReports10) To logon, a database named "security.mdw" is needed.
When, in a different part of my program, I query the data base with SQL commands, I just set the "OLEDBystem database=C:\\....\\security.mdw" in the connection string, that works, so the .mdw file should be ok.

When I'm about to display the report,
a tutorial told me to fill out all tables' ConnectionInfo with userID, password, serverName etc... but alas, the ConnectionInfo does not have an item called "SystemDB" or something, I just can't figure out how to pass the "security.mdw" path to this thing.
Googled for over 4 hours, but I haven't been successful...

So, when attempting to connect, there's always a logon window popping up, which is very annoying (and doesn't help).

Anyone got the solution for this?

Thanks in advance,