Hello all,
I want to obtain the parameter for a parametrized query from a combobox.
I'm using Access 2000 and I am an experienced Query designer,but I miss the knowledge for writing the few lines code that can do this trick.
Can someone of you help me out?
Example :
locationnumber (autonum)(key)
city (text)
Halltype (num)

Hallnumber (autonum)(key)
description (text)

PARAMETERS hallt Text(25);
FROM table1, table2
WHERE table1.halltype = table2.Hallnumber
AND table2.description = hallt;

If I open a report based on this query I have to enter the correct description by hart. Therefore it would be much better if I had a combo box that shows the available descriptions so that I can select the one for my query.
Many thanks in advance for your help