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    Unanswered: Oracle Applications 11.5.9 - Cloning


    Does anyone knows if it is possible to clone an Oracle Applications System without the data ?

    I mean, I want to create a new system which contains only the customizing of another one.

    Thanks by advance for any advice and/or solution.

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    Hmm... I have Oracle Apps experience, but not from the DBA angle. I would suggest that if you do not get a response from anyone else to jet over to OTN ( and post in the Oracle Apps forum.
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    I'm when you say without the data are you talking about just the structures (tables, indexes, views, etc). within the database ?

    If so you could use export/import into an empty database.

    Note that there's a lot of the application represented in the data (e.g. menu, security, profile options, concurrent managers/requests, etc.) without the application configuration data, the clone would be of very limited use.


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