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    Unanswered: Using Like Statment With Parametres

    Hi There

    I need a bit of help, I have a report on mobile phones, there are a few different parametres on my report which i use though the select expert ie MOBILE NUMBER, COST CENTRE (COMPANY DEPARTMENT), and i want one on PLACE CALLED, with the place called parametre i want the report to pull out all international call this includes international calls and roaming calls etc, i have made my place called parametre to have multi values so i can have all 4 of my different internatiional values,

    This is the formula i have used in my select expert

    {@Null} = 1.00 and
    {MobilesItem.Phone Number} = {?Mobile Number} or
    {Employees to Company CurMonth.Cost Centre} = {?Cost Centre} or
    {MobilesItem.Place Called} Like "*{?Place Called}*"

    the problem is when i run the report it come back blank when i know there is information in my database which fits my values

    does any one have any ideas how i can get this to work



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    You've probably solved this already but what the hey... The final line of your formula isn't right.

    This line:
    {MobilesItem.Place Called} Like '*{?Place Called}*'

    Needs to be changed to this:
    {MobilesItem.Place Called} Like '*' + {?Place Called} + '*'

    As it was, you were asking your report to look for places like '*london*' where the asterisks were literal characters, not search operators.

    Regards - Andy

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