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    Unanswered: DTS Job Problems!!

    Hi all,

    I have a job that runs during the week at 9:30pm. I have notice only one part of the job runs which is to take data from the database and put it into a .dat file. The next part of the DTS package is to call a batch file to take the .dat file and rename it with today's data and archive it. This morning I notice that for status of the job it states 'executing job step '1(stats2oracle). The .dat files are still waiting to be rename and moved into the archive folder. I have tried to restart the job which it doesn't let me saying the job is in process and if I try to stop the job it won't start again.

    If you manually start the DTS package everything goes well in a matter of minutes. So it leads me to believe that something is wrong with the job itself.

    Have anyone come across this problem? Also, is there a way to troubleshoot?

    Thanking you much.


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    this is a bit of a guess but it still might help.....

    you are using a bat file to do the rename of your dat files and that may cause a problem. if a problem does occur a message box would pop up. since it is running as a system account the message box would never be seen and could never be closed so the job can never finish running....

    personally I would use an activeX task to rename to files within the dts package. that way you can trap any errors in the process and handle them appropiately.

    hope that helps.

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    I solve the problem, it may have been what you have suggested. But I decided to breakup the step into two different DTS package, and run it as to different steps in 1 job.

    Dts 1 copy data to files
    DTS 2 Execute Process Task--which opens a batch file to rename the copied data.

    Take the two DTS packages and create 2 step in one job and it worked.



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