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    Unanswered: Como hacer una chat en flash??

    Buenos dias...
    Quisiera saber si es posible crear desde flash un chat para montarlo y utilizarlo en una pagina web?

    Este no es del tipo messenger comun, sino que corre directamente en la pagina.

    En caso de ser posible, cuales serian las pautas a seguir y cuanto tiempo tardaria en realizarlo un programador novato?


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    Altavista translated that as...
    Good day... It wanted to know if it is possible to create from flash chat to mount it and to use it in a pagina Web? This it is not of the type to messenger common, but that it runs directly in the pagina. In case of being possible, as serian the guidelines to follow and whichever tardaria time in making it an inexperienced programmer? Thanks.
    So you want to use flash to right a chat program that is hosted within a web page.

    Yup, flash can do that, I have seen it done once before... here is the url for the site

    I can't offer any guidelines though as I know nothing about flash (this being an asp forum and all).


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