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    Hello, I am preparing a graduation project, and i have some questions, please keep in mind that i have not used oracle myself before, but i do have 2 team members who are ORACLE developers, But i need to make sure about my questions from the PROs

    1- I want to have an ORACLE DB server running Windows2003
    2- I want to connect with client applications from client computers to this DB for Read/Write
    3- For those client PCs, I want to use a customized program made by C#

    I knew that you can connect to the Oracle DB using customized applications with no problem, But the QUESTION is, Do i have to buy licenses other than the Oracle server license? Do i need a license for each machine, or other software rather than the "Instant Client" for ODBC?
    Also do i need the Oracle runtimes to be installed on the client machines which will be using C# application?
    Sorry i am confused about it, i will appreciate any in detail reply please, Thanks in advance for everyone.

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    Oracle is licensed per user so you'll need to buy a license that covers all users that will be using the database. It doesn't matter if they use SQLPLUS, .NET, or a custom C++ application to connect.

    Each client computer must have Oracle client software installed; Oracle Client is free.

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    for the Oracle database you licence the server based on the number of user connections. You can buy these per user or buy an unlimited licence per server CPU. CPU licence cost usually works out at approx 25 user licence cost.

    See for further info (there is a licencing tips link on that page). I don't know if this changes according to your country.

    There are also a couple of product editions at different prices, with different licencing conditions.

    Finally, if you are planning to use Oracle for you project and not for production code, you would probably fall into development category of licence. As long as you are using Oracle for development only - and not for production/real world applications you can use any version, downloaded free of charge from the Oracle site. See the developer licence...

    Please don't email me directly with questions. I've probably just got home from the pub and cannot guarantee the sanity of my answers. In fact, I can't believe I actually made it home.

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