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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to create a Database-IV link table in access

    I try to write simple VBA code in Excel 2002.
    That code collect some result from a dbf file.
    I've to create a lot of queries to get final results.
    So I create access file for tempory purpose.
    I make a link table which connect to old dababase file.
    Link.mdb work well with my code.

    Problem start when I copy/move those files, excel file, access file and DBase-IV file (.dbf) to another place.
    It does not work, link path was change.
    So I've to open access and update link path.

    I try to change it's link path with VBA code within the excel file but I failed.
    Anybody can help me? I've not much experience in Database programming.
    All VB codes are write on excel, is it a main problem?
    I used following syntex but not work

    tdf.Connect = "dBase IV;DATABASE=" & strConnectPath

    I may use wrong syntex.
    And my program work too slow, I think so.
    May be due to my un-systematic query.
    Pls. check my attached files.

    I appreciate any advice and help.

    Thanks in advance
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