We have a server here in southern California that hosts the database that I have been working on for the last three years that was bought by the home office in Kansas. The guy that they bought it from is long gone and somehow it has a copy of Access on it that the users use to use my db through Terminal Services. The problem is that I am afraid to go to office update and update it because it asks for an office xp CD. I actually make changes on the db using a valid copy of office xp on my desktop pc at my workstation, and I have had to learn which references to uncheck so as not to cause problems with the older, unpatched version of Access 2002 on the server. My question is, does anybody know if sticking in a copy of Office xp from my workstation computer when the Office Update page is done dowloading and ready to install will cause problems? Might this cause Access on the server to stop working? Thank you in advance for your time and responses.