Sybase service is using a named account with valid network username and passowrd to back up the

database to a network drive.Previously it was running with the local system account, but the local

system account did not have network credentials to back up to the network drive so, a valid network

user name and password was used to do the back up.

Everytime the system is rebooted, the server stops running.

we have to change to the local system account initialy to start the server and then change to the

network account.

Any ideas how this could be avoided and why this is happening?

the scenario is if my client had configured the sybase central service to an user account with valid username and password for network access( since they are backing up to a folder in network drive) works fine..
Only when they reboot their system, and they open sybase central, the service stops running and does not connect again, unless you change the service, i mean configure it to system user account initially to start the service and change it to an network user account.
the service needs to be running and the machine needs to connect to the server.
I cannot access the server!!
I replicated the scenario here at my office on xp , NT and 2000 and it worked fine , even if i rebooted!!!
So i need to figure out what is wrong with their system that is causing the service to stop, when they reboot.
I would appreciat eany theories.