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    Unanswered: Restore database - Seems hung?

    I'm restoring a complete backup of a database from Enterprise Manager. This has been running for 3 hours and shows no sign of progress. The "Restore Progress" dialog is on the screen and the progress bar hasn't showed any progress. The disk is at full capacity in performance monitor. Nothing else is using the system.

    The data file is 14 GB. It seems like something is wrong. Anything I can do to check?

    SQL Server 2000 SP3a Enterprise Edition
    Windows 2000

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    Paying the bill would be nice.

    Check errorlog of the server. The progress may be reported there.
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    Seems hung?
    Well that's what they sa....ummm never mind

    Forget EM

    Try and do this from QA and do RESTORE FILELISTONLY and see what that says...

    Also, make sure to set the database into single user mode with Rollback immediate...

    I betcha you've got some blocking going on...

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