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    Unanswered: Error 5 - Invalid Procedure Call or Argument

    I have a relatively simple visual basic 6 application. It's purpose is to take an ms access record, run it through a loop of calculations, and then post the results back to an access table. Everything works perfectly in development mode. However, when I compile it and run it on a test machine, I get the dreaded Invalid procedure call or argument. The kicker is that it happens on different records every time I test it. For example I have had it blow on the 3,000th record, and I've had it error on the 1,500th record. Again, back to development mode, everything is perfect. There is not a discernible difference in the data. Each record represents an insurance policy, age, amount of insurance, simple stuff like that. I have approximately 40,000 records that need to be processed. The thing that gets me is that every policy runs through the exact loop, why would I get this weird error every now and then?

    If anyone has experienced this, and has any insight I would appreciate hearing it! I'm about to tear my hair out! Thank you!!!

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    This error may occur if you trying to focus the control which is disabled. Make sure that.


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