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Thread: Oracle Oid Ldap

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    Unanswered: Oracle Oid Ldap

    GDS Problem Description-:
    We currently have a situation where in we need to integrate a third-party SSO (client’s own home-grown product) with existing 11i Application installation.
    Basically , the user go to the SSO website and log on. If the user is authenticated, a list of applications to which the user has access is shown (11i could be one of those applications). Once the user clicks on the 11i URL, the user needs to be taken directly inside 11i, bypassing the standard 11i logon screen (and hence the entire 11i authentication mechanism) and directly gets connected to responsibility page of Oracle 11i Apps.
    The client’s SSO application is LDAP enabled.
    Is there any way of integrating 11i with this third-party SSO by using LDAP with 10g Server(OID) without having to ‘buy’ Oracle SSO ?

    Method - :
    By using Oracle 10g which is OID LDAP complained how it will talk to external interface which is also LDAP complained and in turn then how 10g Server (LDAP COMPLY OID) will talk to Oracle Apps 11i
    That means how Oracle 10g OID LDAP will communicate with external interface(LDAP) and second thing is how 10g(LDAP) will communicate with
    Oracle apps

    PLEASE do the needfull
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    I would like to know the same... I'm facing the same situation.

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